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The Probe Philosophy

Everything that is sold, consumed and used must first be produced, stored and transported. Conveyors and transmission belts keep the product moving through all the stages of its life cycle. Within this broad context, belts play a significant role.

The team at Probe Manufacturing LLC boasts of over 3 decades of industry experience and expertise. For us it is not about "selling a component". We believe in "knowledge based selling" because it involves addressing challenges and coming up with solutions that may have initially seemed difficult or impossible to achieve! The constant excitement of studying products we are passionate about and living up to continuously challenging situations is our top motivating factor. We have made it our business to understand clients' requirements and deliver accurate-to-specification and performance driven products at unbeatable turn-around times.

At Probe, we understand the integral role of conveyor & transmission belts within any industry and the importance of its precision performance. Thus we are committed to delivering uncompromising customer service and after-sales support both of which are eagerly sought after by industrial clients.

Vision and Mission

Our Vision is to emerge as a world class regional leader in the arena of belts for Process/Conveyor and Transmission belt applications.

Our mission is to seek knowledge based solutions is the source of our Passion for our products, hence our mission is;

  • To improve the performance and life span of Process and Power Transmission
  • Drives resulting in higher output and lesser downtime, in turn bringing a positive affect to our customers performance.
  • To be known as a solutions provider or better still - a quandary preventer for applications incorporating Process / Conveyor & Transmission belts.
  • To support the above with apex quality products.
  • To elevate the value proposition of the company and its people by seeking continuous improvement and innovation and adapting state-of-the-art technology.